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Reflex Training in Northeast London

At Physicarl Sports Services, my reflex training is based on a mixture of light reaction training and perception training. The goal of this training is to enhance your reflexes and develop sports skills. To book reflex training, get in touch today.

Free technique review and digital resources available! Contact me for details

What Is Reflex Training?

Reflex training refers to a form of exercise dedicated to improving your reaction times. As you can imagine, this training is beneficial for a range of different sports, from martial arts to football. This training offers numerous benefits, such as improved response times and enhanced co-ordination. By merging light reaction training with decision and perception in sport, I can alter how you react and respond. As a result, you can make better decisions mid-match. Reflex training also helps with fundamental sports skill development. I use fitness tools, such as Blazepods, to enhance reaction times. This training can be carried out alongside other services I provide, such as my boxing services.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I improve my performance?


To get better as an athlete, it is important to follow exercise protocols and don't get derailed from your goal. 


How can I develop power?


If you want to enhance the power of your movements, it is important to follow the force-velocity curve. This highlights the dynamics between speed and power.


How do I get better at sparring?


To improve your sparring, it is recommended that you train at three different levels; low-slow, medium-equal, and hard.

"Good working with him, takes the time to explain and teach to ensure you understand and improve. Open minded able to find new methods and different ways off doing things to increase performance all while still valuing basics and making sure all bases needed are covered. 100% getting your moneys worth and you're getting someone who will help improve you in different areas off your designated sport while also improving you as an athlete altogether."


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Do you want to start your reflex training journey? Call me on 07943 264069 to discuss your requirements

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