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Close-up of a bodybuilder exercising with barbells in the gym

Strength and Conditioning Training

Here at Physical Sports Services, I provide experienced personal training services in Northeast London and Essex at an affordable price. If you want to build your muscle strength, my strength and conditioning training is perfect for you. Get in contact for more information.

Free technique review and digital resources available! Contact me for details

A person lifting a barbell.

Supreme Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning training is all about enhancing one's athletic performance. The main benefit of this training technique is that it builds muscle strength. Strength and conditioning exercise routines are suited to a variety of people, regardless of their fitness goals. However, this training is ideal for people who wish to increase in strength. My personalised strength and conditioning routines will ensure that this training is suited to your aspirations and level of experience. With my tools and techniques, this training is made super simple. 

Testing Service

To create more intent and accuracy, I use high-quality testing equipment. This includes Output, a small, wearable sensor that measures important factors and provides accurate results. Output provides data on more than 200 exercises, including strength and flexibility. Likewise, I use Blazepods, a visual light reaction training technique. Blazepods are an innovative tool that make testing reaction time simple. These tools allow me to better review fitness progress. This also enables me to conduct velocity-based training. Doing the job of five pieces of kit in one, this nifty apparatus has revolutionised my training techniques. 

A person using Output on their mobile phone to measure an overhead press.
A person using Output on their laptop to measure fitness levels.
Fitness man in training showing exercises with dumbbells in gym, fitness concept, sport co

Other Services

Alongside my strength and conditioning services, I also offer a range of training services to help you get in shape. This includes boxing lessons, martial arts training, reflex training, and plyometric training. Drawing on my years of experience, I strive to meet your fitness needs through my flexible services.

A man in a gym balancing his weight on an exercise ball.

Watch Me At Work

Perhaps the best way of showing you how you can benefit from my services is to show me and my clients hard at work:

"Carl has been training me in person and remotely for many years now and yet constantly changes it up and innovates. Carl listens and adapts to my needs (recover from injury, get fit, lose weight whatever my current need is). Always has a good mix of fun, learning and progression. Would highly recommend if you are serious about fitness (and wellness!)"


Close-up of hanging leather punching bag at fitness studio

Are you interested in strength and conditioning training? Contact me on 07943 264069 to begin your strength building journey!

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